Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Life List: A Birder's Spiritual Awakening

That’s the title of a new book by Chris Dunford, a field biologist who works with a U.S.-based development agency. It is illustrated, appropriately enough, by Robin Mouat. As described by the publisher:

This is a unique book about birding that is as much about spirituality as it is about the fanatical interest that some people have in birds. Dunford is a bird-watcher, not a mere ‘birder’ – the book explains the vital difference.
And finally, a review of this book from an unusual source. So new--or obscure--that it hasn't even warranted a description on Amazon yet, this sounds like a book that might actually be worth checking out.

Noted added 05/24/2006: This book actually has a release date of 02/23/2006, but the review that I reference above is dated 05/16/2005, so the book has apparently been available for about a year. But further checking reveals a publication date of 2006, so maybe this really has just come out!


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