Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Invasive Species in West Virginia

The impact of invasive species on West Virginia's natural resources and economy is the focus of a paper prepared by WVU professor James T. Anderson and others, and released today by the Union of Concerned Scientists.

From the Charleston (West Virginia) Gazette: Invasive species harming state economy

From the Union of Concerned Scientists: Invasive species degrade West Virginia ecosystems (this site includes a link to a 16-page report)

According to the report, 3.5% of West Virginia's birds (6 of 172 species) are non-native. I'm not quite sure where these figures come from. By my calculations 170 species have been confirmed breeding in West Virginia during or since the Breeding Bird Atlas project, and 8 species have been introduced with self-sustaining populations now more or less established. The are:
Canada Goose (breeding population), Mute Swan, Trumpeter Swan, Ring-necked Pheasant, Rock Dove, European Starling, House Finch, and House Sparrow. Wild populations of 3 native species have been supplemented with introductions: Osprey (breeding population), Peregrine Falcon (breeding population), and Wild Turkey.


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