Monday, December 16, 2002

Christmas Bird Books

While browsing the Books-A-Million book store in Harrisonburg, Virginia, last week, several books caught my attention. I mention them here in hopes that one of them may show up under the tree on Christmas morning (hint):

Bird tracks & sign: a guide to North American species (by Mark Elbroch & Eleanor Marks)

Birds (by Robert Bateman)

Eye of the albatross: visions of hope and survival (by Carl Safina)

Giants, monsters, and dragons: an encyclopedia of folklore, legend, and myth (by Carol Rose) [Includes descriptions of 113 different "beings that are bird or part bird"]

Kingbird highway: the story of a natural obsession that got a little out of hand (by Kenn Kaufman)

Return of the Osprey: a season of flight and wonder (by David Gessner)

The birds of heaven: travels with cranes (by Peter Matthiessen)

The Snow Goose: a story of home (by William Fiennes)


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