Friday, May 03, 2002

Online Bird Journals and Other References - Number 7

Studies in Oregon Ornithology. SOO is the privately-funded publishing endeavor of Oregon ornithologist Range D. Bayer. The series consists of monographs published at periodic intervals. Nine issues have thus far appeared in print (1986-2001). Four issues are currently available online in their entirety:

No. 2. A guide to the bird notes of Grace McCormac French of Yamhill County, Oregon.
No. 5. Changes in waterbird numbers before and after 1983 oil spill in Yaquina Estuary, OR.
No. 6. The cormorant/fisherman conflict in Tillamook County, Oregon.
No. 8. Birds of Thornton Creek, Lincoln County, Oregon.
No. 9. Cormorant harassment to protect juvenile salmonids in Tillamook County, Oregon.

These are valuable references for Oregon birders, ornithologists, and wildlife biologists.


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