Wednesday, May 01, 2002

Online Bird Journals and Other Resources - Number 6

Strategies for Bird Conservation: The Partners in Flight Planning Process. The online proceedings of the 1995 Partners in Flight (PIF) International Workshop, held October 1-5, 1995, at the Grand Hotel in Cape May, New Jersey. The theme of the third International PIF conference was "Partners in Flight Conservation Plan: Building Consensus for Action." This is a major online resource. The full text of more than 46 papers presented at the conference can be downloaded. The papers cover a broad range of topics, from case studies in bird conservation planning, to population and habitat assessment, to education and community outreach.

Full citation: Bonney, R., D. N. Pashley, R. J. Cooper, and L. Niles (Editors). 1999. Strategies for bird conservation: the Partners in Flight planning process. Cornell Lab of Ornithology. <>


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