Tuesday, April 02, 2002

West Virginia Bird Place Names (Part 5 of 5)

[Note to readers: Part 4 of this series was published on 3/28/2002]

TURKEY (61) - a populated place and an historical School in Wyoming County; a populated place (Turkey Knob) in Fayette County; Branches in McDowell (Turkey and Turkey Gap), Putnam, and Raleigh counties; Churches in Putnam (Turkey Branch) and Wyoming (Turkey Creek and Turkey Ridge) counties; a Dam and a Public Fishing Area (both named Turkey Run Lake) in Jackson County; a Dam (Turkey Gap Mine Refuse Dump) and an Impoundment (reservoir, Turkey Gap Slurry) in Mercer County; Creeks in Fayette, Mingo, Monroe, Nicholas, Putnam, Wayne, and Webster counties; a Flat in Roane County; Forks in Clay, Gilmer, Jackson, Kanawha, and Upshur counties; a Gap in McDowell County; a Hollow in Mingo County; Knobs in Mercer, Pendleton, Roane, and Tucker counties; Mountains in Hardy and Pocahontas counties; a Ridge in Wyoming County; Runs in Clay, Gilmer, Harrison, Jackson, Jefferson, Marshall, Mason, Nicholas, Pleasants, Ritchie, Roane, Taylor, Tucker, Upshur, and Wetzel counties; historical Schools in Gilmer (Turkey Fork), Jackson (Turkey Fork and Turkey Run), Taylor (Turkey Run), and Upshur (Turkey Run) counties; Springs in Jefferson (Turkey Run) and Monroe (Turkey Creek) counties; and Trails in Randolph (Turkey Hunter Access), Tucker (Turkey Run), and Webster (Turkey Mountain) counties.

TURKEY FOOT (3) - a Bend in Morgan County, a Lake (reservoir) in Jackson County, and a Run in Harrison County.

TURKEY SPUR (1) - a Rock (summit) in Raleigh County.

TURKEYBONE (3) - a Mountain, a Ridge, and an historical School in Randolph County.

TURKEYCAMP (2) - a Branch and a Knob in Wayne County.

TURKEYFOOT (3) - an historical populated place in Hancock County, and Runs in Hampshire and Hancock counties.

TURKEYLICK (1) - a Run in Gilmer County.

TURKEYPEN (6) - Branches in Kanawha and Logan counties; a Creek in Lewis County; and Runs in Greenbrier, Lincoln, and Wood counties.

TURKEYWALLOW (1) - a Branch in Wyoming County.

TURKEYWING (1) - a Run in Kanawha County.

WAR EAGLE (2) - a populated place and an historical Post Office in Mingo County.

And finally, those of you who have persevered in reading this far deserve to know that West Virginia does indeed have a Sodom (a populated place in Logan County) but, thankfully, no Gomorrha. THE END.


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