Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Online Bird Journals and Other References - Number 3

The Condor: An International Journal of Avian Biology. The third oldest North American bird journal, The Condor is now in its 103rd year of publication. It is the quarterly publication of the Cooper Ornithological Society. Starting with the February 2001 issue, Abstracts of all Feature Articles, Shorter Communications, and Commentary can be down-loaded free as PDF files in English or Spanish; to download from the COS Homepage, click "The Condor" in the left-hand frame, then select the issue of interest. Full-text articles are currently not available online.

Since relatively few issues of The Condor have been posted to the official COS Homepage, I offer my preferred alternative. Allen Press, the commercial firm that publishes The Condor for the COS, maintains a Condor Archive of all issues published since 1998 (Volume 100). Not only can Abstracts of individual articles be down-loaded from the Archive, but you can also conduct searches of Author and Keyword indexes.


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