Saturday, March 30, 2002

West Virginia Bird Place Names (Part 4 of 5)

[Note to readers: Part 3 of this series was published on 3/28/2002]

RAVEN (12) - a pillar (Raven Rock) in Monongalia County; a populated place and historical Post Office (Raven Rock) in Pleasants County; a Church (Raven Rock United Methodist) in Pleasants County; a Golf Course (Raven Pine Hills) in Jackson County [DeLorme]; a Spring (Raven Rock) in Hampshire County; a populated place (Raven Rocks) in Hampshire County; summits (both named Raven Rocks) in Hampshire and Jefferson counties; cliffs (Raven Rocks) in Pendleton and Randolph counties; and a Trail (Raven Rocks) in Randolph County.

RAVENCLIFF (2) - a populated place and Post Office (zip code 25913) in Wyoming County.

RAVENSEYE (1) - a populated place in Fayette County.

RAVENSWOOD (9) - a building in Kanawha County; and a populated place and Post Office (zip code 26164), a Ferry, a High School, a Middle School, a Plaza Shopping Center, a Seaplane Base, and a Works (locale) in Jackson County.

REDHEAD (1) - a Branch in Wayne County.

REDBIRD (3) - a populated place, an historical Post Office, and a historical School in Raleigh County.

REDWING (1) - a populated place in Lincoln County.

ROBIN (1) - a Hollow in Fayette County.

ROBINS (2) - a Run in Pleasants County and a School in Kanawha County.

SAPSUCKER (2) - Runs in Mason and Jackson counties.

SNIPE (1) - a Branch in McDowell County.

SNOWFLAKE (1) - a populated place in Greenbrier County.

SPARROW (1) - a Creek in Boone County.

SWALLOW (4) - a Branch in Roane County; and a Campground, a Run, and a Trail (all named Swallow Rock) in Randolph County.

SWAN POND (5)- a populated place, a lake, a Spring, and an Historic District (Swan Pond Manor) in Berkeley County; and a Run in Tyler County.

SWANDALE (3) - a populated place, an historical Post Office, and an historical School in Clay County.

SWANPOND (1) - an historical Post Office in Berkeley County.

TEAL (1) - an historical Post Office in Kanawha County.

To be continued . . .


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