Monday, March 25, 2002

West Virginia Bird Place Names (Part 2 of 5)

[Note to readers: Part 1 was published on 3/24/2000]

CHICKEN (2) - Runs in Pocahontas (Chicken House) and Taylor counties.

CRANE (8) - a Branch (Crane Trace) in McDowell County; Creeks in McDowell and Mercer counties; a Fork in Wyoming County; a Knob in Jackson County; Runs in Gilmer and Lewis (Crane Camp) counties; and an historical School in Preston County.

CRANECO (1) - a populated place in Logan County.

CRANENEST (3) - Runs in Jackson, Roane, and Tyler counties.

CRANES (2) - a Branch in Wayne County and a Fork in Barbour County.

CRANES NEST (1) - a Run in Nicholas County.

CRANESNEST (3) - a Cemetery in Wirt County; and Runs in Roane and Wirt counties.

CRANESVILLE (5) - a populated place, an historical Post Office, an historical School, a Swamp [DeLorme], and a Church (Cranesville United Methodist) in Preston County.

CROW - (5) a populated place and historical Post Office in Raleigh County, a Run in Wetzel County, and a locale and historical Post Office (Crow Summit) in Jackson County.

CROWFIELDS (1) - a populated place (subdivision) in Greenbrier County.

DOVE (2) - a Creek in Wood County and a Hollow in Hardy County.

DUCK (10) - a populated place with a Post Office (zip code 25063) in Clay County; Creeks in Braxton, Gilmer, and Harrison counties; a Cemetery and a Church (both named Duck Creek) in Harrison County; an historical Post Office (Duck Creek) in Braxton County; a Run in Calhoun County [DeLorme]; and an historical School (Duck Creek) in Gilmer County.

EAGLE (14) - a populated place and a Church in Fayette County; an historical School (Eagle Avenue) in Jefferson County; a Bend in Clay County; Branches in Greenbrier and Summers counties; a Cemetery in Clay County; a Chapel in Berkeley County; a Church in Fayette County; an historical Post Office (Eagle Mills) in Doddridge County; a summit (Eagle Rock) in Hampshire County; a cliff in (Eagle Rock) and a Spring (Eagle Rock) in Pendlton County; and a Run in Berkeley County.

EAGLES (4) - a Camp and a Trail (Eagles Camp) in Pocahontas County, and historical Schools in Berkeley and Pocahontas counties.

FINCH - (3) a populated place and historical Post Office in Ritchie County, and a Run in Marion County.

FISHING HAWK (1) - a Creek in Randolph County.

To be continued . . .


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