Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Conifers of Berrien County, Michigan

The conifers are cone-bearing trees or shrubs of the Class Pinopsida. Some 630 species are known worldwide, with 88 occurring in North America. According to the Online Atlas of Michigan Plants, 16 species are native to Michigan or have become naturalized. The 8 species known from Berrien County represent 2 Orders, 3 families, and 6 genera.

ORDER PINALES (pines et al.):
Family Cupressaceae (cypresses):
  • Juniperus communis, common juniper
  • Juniperus virginiana, eastern redcedar
  • Thuja occidentalis, arborvitae

    Family Pinaceae (pines):
  • Larix laricina, tamarack
  • Pinus banksiana, jack pine
  • Pinus strobus, eastern white pine
  • Tsuga canadensis, eastern hemlock
  • ORDER TAXALES (yews):
    Family Taxaceae (yews)
  • Taxus canadensis, Canada yew

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