Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Random Gleanings from the BirdSphere #35

Introduction: A daily (or as often as I can find time to compile it) feature that highlights recent entries from North American bird blogs listed in my blogroll; also see here.

Today’s Featured Bird Blog:
The Urban Pantheist – “Loving nature while living in the city,” by Jeff Taylor in Boston, Massachusetts (online since October 2003) [Note: Since completion of the 365 Urban Species theme at the end of 2006, posts about birds are nearly non-existent in The Urban Panthiest]
Today’s Featured Bird Blog Entry (excerpt):
365 Urban Species—#341: Brant

Along with the many species of ducks that appear in winter, there is at least one species of goose that can be seen in Boston in the cold months. (There are a few species, in fact, but all but the brant are only rarely seen.) The brant breed in the very northern reaches of Canada, but winters along both coasts of the United States. . . . [click here to read the rest of this entry, as originally posted by Eric Taylor on December 7, 2006]
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