Saturday, April 12, 2003

A Murder of Fish Crows

On Thursday evening, April 10th, I saw a huge flock of Fish Crows in a pasture beside Paynes Ford Road about one-half mile wast of the Leetown Pike and the National Fisheries Research Center. The pasture is located on the left-hand side of the road (if headed west) just before the road makes a 90 degree left-hand turn. I lost count at 180 birds, and estimated that there were at least 200 and possibly as many as 250 birds. Most of the birds were packed tightly together into a single group that was loafing on the ground, with a couple other small groups of birds perched on power lines adjacent to the road. The birds were identified as Fish Crows primarily by their nasal "caw" notes. I heard no calls of the Common Crow. This was the same location where I reported a flock of at least 155 Fish Crows on April 3, 2001, but inexplicably placed them at a different (and, as I have now discovered, wrong) spot on the map.


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