Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Bette Midler's for the Birds

In a news item entitled "For Bette, Home Tweet Home," the June 17, 2002, issue of People magazine reports:

"Midler, 56, is working with the Department of Agriculture and the conservation group Ducks Unlimited to convert a portion of her 1,400-acre estate in Kauai into wetland habitat for Hawaiian waterbirds, including stilts, ducks, coots, and gallinules. Midler, raised on Oahu, bought the property--which had been drained and used to grow sugarcane--in 1999 for $4.4 million. Details of the plan, which would allow Midler to retain ownership but give up the right to put the land to other use, are not complete, but Midler seems committed." A photo caption notes that "The ruby-throated warbler [i.e., Ms. Midler] hopes to assist the Black-necked Hawaiian Stilt and other birds."

As a long-time admirer of The Divine Miss M's vocal talents, I'm pleased to learn that she also has a strong sense of environmental stewardship.


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