Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Online Bird Journals and Other References - Number 14

Marine Ornithology: An International Journal of Seabird Science and Conservation. Marine Ornithology is published biannually through a partnership between the African Seabird Group and the Pacific Seabird Group. Marine Ornithology is a continuation of the Cormorant, a publication founded by the African Seabird Group in 1976. To my knowledge, Marine Ornithology is the first bird periodical of any size to make the entire contents of the journal available online in a PDF format, although hard copies of the journal are still available by subscription. Articles from all past issues will be made available on the Web site, but the only articles currently available are from Volume 28 (2000). The journal currently exhibits a strong Southern Hemisphere bias–an unavoidable byproduct of its long history as the Cormorant–but that is expected to change. Of particular interest to North Americans is a recent article by Robert H. Day et al. on at-sea habitat use by the Kittlitz's Murrelet in Prince William Sound, Alaska. The Web site will eventually include a search feature.


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