Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Cormorants in Commerce and Culture

199 Cormorant Crescent - address of a rental property on Salt Spring Island near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
543 Cormorant Cove - address of a luxury home offered for sale on the Eagle Creek Country Club near Naples, Florida
10575 SW Cormorant Drive - address of a home offered for sale in one of the most sought-after cul de sacs in the Murrayhill neighborhood near Portland, Oregon
Camp Cormorant - a YMCA resident camp near Morehead, Minnesota
Cormorant - a 12-ft sailing dinghy manufactured by Cornish Crabbers Ltd. and sold by Britannia Boats Ltd., Annapolis, Maryland
Cormorant - a 17-ft utility outboard cruiser built by an amateur boatbuilder in Portland, Oregon
Cormorant - a 120-ft skimmer boat constructed at the Amfels shipyard in Brownsville, Texas, for the City of New York and commissioned in 1993
Cormorant - a classic hard-chine kayak manufactured by Squeedunk Kayaks in Minnesota
Cormorant - a privately-owned 39-ft Corbin cutter sailboat now embarked on a round-the-world voyage
Cormorant (AM 40 / ATO 133) - a Lapwing-class U.S. Navy mine warfare vessel that was launched in 1919, decommissioned in 1946, and sold in 1947
Cormorant (AMS 122 / MSC 122) - a Bluebird-class U.S. Navy mine warfare vessel that was commissioned in 1953 and sold for scrap in 1974
Cormorant (ASL 20) - a former Italian stern-trawler built in 1965, purchased by the Canadian Navy in 1975 and converted to a diving support vessel (the first ship to have female personnel assigned), and sold to a U.S. charter firm in 1997
Cormorant (MHC 57) - an Osprey-class U.S. Navy coastal mine hunter christened at Avondale Shipyards, Avondale (Greater New Orleans), Louisiana, on October 21, 1995, and commissioned at Harbor Island, Tampa, Florida, on April 12, 1997
Cormorant Accounting Consultants - an accounting and bookkeeping firm providing a full range of accounting, auditing, taxation, and computer-related services to small and medium-sized enterprises in Dorset, United Kingdom
Cormorant Beach Club and Hotel - a posh beachfront recreational facility in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands
Cormorant Books [WARNING: Clicking on this link may cause your computer to lock up!] - a book publisher in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Cormorant Canoe & Boat Works Ltd. - a boat builder in Riverport, Nova Scotia
Cormorant Chamber Players - a non-profit classical music orchestra organized in 1984 in Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Cormorant Club - the alumni association of the Joint Services Staff College
Cormorant Court - location of a contemporary and stylish vacation rental home in Dunsborough, Western Australia
Cormorant Court Apartments - a gated community in the east-end upper yacht-harbor neighbor of Santa Cruz, California
Cormorant Cove - a hotel in Christiansted, U.S. Virgin Islands
Cormorant Information Systems - a specialist company providing innovative software solutions for the logistics industry in North Somerset, England
Cormorant Lake Lodge - a hunting and fishing resort in northern Manitoba
Cormorant Ltd. - an independent consulting company specializing in the operational side of marine environmental issues in St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada
Cormorant Overseas - a global trading concern specializing in exquisite chocolates and confectionaries located in the United Arab Emirates
Cormorant Press - a publisher of sheet music in Hallowell, Maine
Cormorant Pub - a pub and restaurant in Fareham, Hampshire, England
Cormorant SeaKayaking Ltd. - a kayak rental agency on Malcolm Island, British Columbia, Canada
Cormorant Skin and Scuba Club - a dive club in Quebec, Canada
Cormorant Telematic Systems - an information technology and telecommunications company in Galway, Ireland
Cormorant West - a rental house located on the small Hawaiian island of Molokai
Cormorant Wilderness Guesthouse - an elegant recreational facility located somewhere on the coast of South Africa
Cory the Cormorant - a childrens book by Jane Weinberger and Pam DeVito
M/V American Cormorant (T-AK-2062) - a semi-submersible float-on/float-off vessel operated by the Military Sealift Command and stationed at Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean
R/V Cormorant - a 50-ft research/dive vessel of the Tatman Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to marine research and diving located in St. Louis, Missouri, USA
The Cormorant - a 54-ft yacht built in the Galapagos Islands and operated by Andes Explorer, an Ecuadorian travel agency and tour operator
The Cormorant - a 1995 movie, starring Ralph Fiennes, based on the Stephen Gregory novel
The Cormorant - a mystery novel by Stephen Gregory published by St. Martin's Press in 1986
The Cormorant - the annual magazine of the Cormorant Club
The Cormorant - the literary magazine of the University of New Brunswick–St. John's campus
The Cormorant Magazine - the official publication of Packard Automobile Classics, Inc.
The Cormorant on the River - a hotel and riverside restaurant in Cornwall, England


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